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Welcome to my personal blog! ^.^ My name is Liz. (Lizzie, Elizabeth, Lizzles, etc.) Here's the basics; I'm 20. Obviously a female. Music. Anime. Beauty. Photography. Black and White. Quotes. Naked People. Sex. Humor. Love. Scorpio. Feelings. Well there is a quick outline of everything you'll find on here. ^.^
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Late night gym workouts, what what! #fitness #workoutjoes #determined

So I have never done one of these, but why not. What a #hottie . :) #mcm #MyLoves #SoGorgeous #sosweet #InLove




the sun has come out

the sun is gay

*white girl voice* why are the hot ones always gay

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you: that is a nice ass shirt

me: thank you but, to be honest, its called “pants” and not an “ass shirt”

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I haven’t posted a selfie in a while but I still am very cute just to keep you updated

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Hey man, I’m just trying to keep this friendship alive and you’re kinda not cooperating with me lol

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I swear, I never meant to let it die…
Three Days Grace, Let it Die